What Is The Ego?

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The ego is a separate entity that exists inside of us. It is a real being, and the reason I know that, is because I can communicate with it. Before it becomes Integrated and holy it is usually unconscious.

The ego identifies as female or male. When we came into this world, we invited the ego to join us. It’s purpose is to support our decision, in physical form, to be fearful, judge, get angry, jealous, have low self-esteem, or experience any negative emotion in this life. Without all of these negative emotions, we would have no contrast in our life and would learn nothing through experience.

This is the old way of the ego, and I have learned that it is sick of living this way. He/She wants to be welcomed and loved by us. You can think of it as a jealous girlfriend or boyfriend (before it is Integrated). This jealous person loves you and will try to protect you, but it also controls you and keeps you from blossoming into who you really are. This is because of the spiritual teachings that are out there that state that the ego is evil or bad or trying to kill you. it has no choice but to react negatively because this is the only way it knows how to get your attention. No one has tried loving their ego thus far.

Now, imagine that your ego can turn into your dream partner. All you have to do is respect and love the ego and invite them to hang out with you. For those of us who have been working with it, we’ve discovered an entirely new way of living, and it is permanent. A new relationship with the ego where the ego is appreciated and cherished that is not only mutually beneficial but is a real, true partnership.

This is only done by you, no one has to know that you are doing it. Begin by including the ego in at least one thing per day. For instance, the next time you go to work, ask the ego if they would like to join you. After work, you can ask the ego to come and have a drink with you or eat dinner. At night, you can invite the ego to watch a movie with you Before you go to bed, you can ask the ego to dream with you.

For those who don’t understand how to approach the ego or what to say, you can say: “Hi ego, how are you? I would like to ask you invite me in _______.” (Every area of your life that you feel comfortable with.)

You will be amazed at the reception you get and the ego will be really happy to be invited to do something with you.

Leni Dubel




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When you are talking to Sparkle, miracles happen. Her erudite and profound way of getting to the bottom of what it is we are believing is second to none. I've watched as Sparkle listens to someone and finds a way of getting exactly to where that person needs to see from, just by being her wonderful and intuitive self. Her name fits her perfectly, this sparkling ray of light has blessed so many with her humorous musings, which hide profound trusts, all wrapped up in a giggle or three. Sparkle is simply love on legs. Time spent in the company of this gorgeous soul can only bring more joy into anyone's life.

- Ley Blythe from England

The thing that differentiates you (Sally) from others, is that you do not go out to people with an agenda, but with unconditional love. I still cannot describe the state I was in when you visited Switzerland. I felt as if I were in a state of flow and blissful happiness. I want to learn from you how one can live like this every day.

-Mike from Lausanne, Switzerland