Me and Nelson Mandela

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A few months ago I was watching a Nelson Mandela documentary, and I said out loud  that I really loved what Nelson was about.  I invited his Spirit to do a reading with me.

It does not matter whether you say things out loud or in your mind to the Spirits, because they can “hear” everything. They can also be in a different part of the world, or even a different dimension, and they will know that you were calling to them. If they don’t happen to receive the message,  then another Spirit will relay it to them.

I then invited Nelson and asked for a sign for a time the following day to have the reading. About five minutes later, my Spirit Guides came flying into the room and were in full celebratory mode as they announced: “He’s coming tomorrow!!!”

The following evening  a large group of Spirits filed into my bedroom.  There were so many that they were overflowing out into the hallway. My Spirits were very excited and said “he’s here, he’s here”.

So now my mind was blown, because I didn’t even expect this to work. I did not even graduate college and Nelson Mandela’s Spirit was in my freakin’ bedroom to do a reading with me!!!

Right away when you meet a Spirit, you can feel their entire personality and all of their emotions and you instantly know them very well. Nelson’s energy was amazing, pure confidence and pride, without the ego.  I asked him about himself, and he said that the person he knew himself as, before jail, was trying really hard, but getting nowhere politically.  He was hurting people, instead of helping them like he wanted to do. He felt helpless about making things better for his people, and nothing he did seemed to be enough.

He explained that it really took him going to rock bottom to finally shine a light on his purpose in life. He dropped his entire ego persona while he was in jail. It transformed him into a new person who cherished family time, and into what he called “a man of the people”. He went on to say that if he could have avoided jail, he wouldn’t have, because it was during that time that he learned patience, planning and very hard work. After he was released, he said that even though he had his freedom, he was not able to spend nearly as much time with his family as he would have liked to.

He said that his life was like a solo quest. He had to fight to be with his family, and win their respect and love back, because some of his younger relatives had never met him and, they didn’t even really know him now. Eventually he won them over because of his “true heart” and his patient and kind demeanor. He laughed and said “no one can stay angry at me for long.”

He knew that he was born to be a luminary, and becoming that for his people was as important as family to him. As I was doing the reading, I was getting a huge and extremely annoying amount of ego interference.  Weird distractions were randomly happening and loud noises were going off in the house and disruptive thoughts were going through my mind to the point where I had to actually stop the reading to address the insanity.

I was mortified because I was extremely excited to be in his presence and afraid that he would just leave. His response to these distractions was beautiful. He was not annoyed in any way by my ego distractions, asked me to do a toxic energy release, and said that the best way for me to do that was for me to do something fun. He said that, for my ego, this reading was very threatening as it would have a profound rippling effect on situations and people in my life, and that is why there was so much interference.

Amazingly enough, he offered me advice for the rest of the reading, and did not talk about himself any more. He said that I was making good progress spiritually, and not to let fear or negativity rule my life in any way. He said that my true calling was to help people in general by doing readings and other healing type of work. He also told me that I am a luminary, just like he is. I was so honored by the luminary thing. He said that it was time to change people’s minds about Tarot readings and for everyone to have a personal relationship with God and that us having a personal relationship with God was the future of Spirituality.  He went on to explain that certain philosophies and religions were holding us back as a society, and making us feel helpless. Nelson wants us all to know that anyone can speak to God any time they want to.  We need to be our own light, instead of going outside of ourselves.

If everyone worked together to help each other reach enlightenment, imagine how quickly it will come. He said that every need, craving and want is based out of our desire for God or Holy Spirits’s love. He was always searching for something that he could never attain and never knew until he became a Spirit, that it was God’s love. It was like an itch that he could not scratch. He said then that it was time for me to quit my daytime job as a server and do my soul purpose full time. He said that I would actually be better off financially when I quit that job because it is creating lack in my life. He said for me to do what I love for a living and that Spirit would take care of me financially.

After the reading was finished, Nelson and his entourage of Spirits, quietly and politely left. That is what I love about Spirit, one minute I’m watching a documentary about Nelson Mandela and the next day, through Spirit networking, he was here in my room. That is how selfless and beautiful Spirit is.  I don’t even know how to put into words how amazing this experience was for me, thank you so much Nelson, I love you.

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When you are talking to Sparkle, miracles happen. Her erudite and profound way of getting to the bottom of what it is we are believing is second to none. I've watched as Sparkle listens to someone and finds a way of getting exactly to where that person needs to see from, just by being her wonderful and intuitive self. Her name fits her perfectly, this sparkling ray of light has blessed so many with her humorous musings, which hide profound trusts, all wrapped up in a giggle or three. Sparkle is simply love on legs. Time spent in the company of this gorgeous soul can only bring more joy into anyone's life.

- Ley Blythe from England

The thing that differentiates you (Sally) from others, is that you do not go out to people with an agenda, but with unconditional love. I still cannot describe the state I was in when you visited Switzerland. I felt as if I were in a state of flow and blissful happiness. I want to learn from you how one can live like this every day.

-Mike from Lausanne, Switzerland