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A few months ago I was given what I am calling a healing blueprint. Holy Spirit/Source/God, my Ego Martin, my Higher or Holy Self and my Guides all teamed up to create a way that I could apply healing to literally any situation and they said that it had the potential if applied right to heal disease,war, hunger, anxiety or basically any problem we have in society today!

They said the reason it works is because when something painful is happening to us we naturally defend against it and our bodies go into attack mode. Then it doesn’t have the option to leave because we have trapped it with our panic and defense and it is then a part of us. That makes so much sense because every time I have had a cold, I go into panic and control mode and go get vitamin c or cold medicine.

We are designed as humans to have an assortment of things happen to us. We are equipped with the option to experience and release these things or attach them to us and endlessly experience them until we have ultimately healed them. When we defend against them we attach to them. Life is not meant to torture us but we did request that certain things happen to us that we experience so that we could learn and heal from them, before we incarnated.

We have never tried to welcome any of our problems and love them and know them as innocent. The reason it works on the things we DO want to happen is because we defend against or block them from happening. And this method allows us to stop defending against them and allow them to come to us. The reason it works to heal problems that we have, is that it makes us stop defending against or triggering the problem and allows it to leave our system. This is how you do the exercise.

You imagine setting a sword and shield down on a table or off to the side somewhere. This is to represent that you are not defending against the problem and instead welcoming it.

You welcome your problem (into your home or a sacred space you come up with) as if it is a long lost relative or cherished guest. I like to imagine that the issue that I am working with, is an actual person. If you are trying to attract abundance or anything you really want, you do the same thing, welcome it into your being and greet it like a cherished guest.

I like to imagine welcoming the issue or whatever I’m trying to attract or unblock from, into my house and offer it a feast I have prepared for it.
For something you are trying to move past or heal from you thank it for the lessons it has taught you.

For something that you are trying to bring to you or unblock/undefend from, it’s the same exercise but you don’t have to thank it for the lessons it has taught you, you invite it to be a part of your life forever, I like to say “welcome to my life.”

You can do this as often as you like but do it at least once a day. Some things are harder than others because of our deeply held beliefs that only medicine or a doctor can heal our ailments.

Our lives are set up in patterns that happen over and over, so sometimes you have to apply this blueprint over and over even after successfully solving a problem. I believe that working further with the Ego or if you are not working with the Ego and instead are doing the excercise where you combine all aspects of yourself, you will eventually stop these patterns.

I also like to ask my Ego, Holy Spirit and my Guides to work on this while I am sleeping so that I am not interfering in it, as we all tend to do by overthinking it. If you are having a hard time with the word Ego, simply ask whoever you pray to or the benevolent forces of the universe to work together when you are asleep.

I cured my mold allergy in 3 days this way, I don’t even need to take allergy medicine anymore. If I breathe it in and am scared I simply apply this blueprint to it to refresh myself. So far I have applied it and it has worked on migraines, cramps, general pain, abundance, self esteem and I just recently applied to the first cold I’ve had since receiving it.

I wasn’t able to completely heal my cold all the way but the cold itself had no pain that usually accompanies a cold or the sore throat and achy feelings that I usually get. And the cold was over in 2 ½ days instead of a week and a half!!!! It was a surreal experience to have a cold that would have been a brutal cold or even the flu only because of how I felt the first night, before I used the Healing Blueprint.

It was so weird to experience a cold that had no real suffering attached to it, such a beautiful experience. I believe that the next time I’ll be able to cure it right away with this method. This is because it didn’t seem possible to be able to do this in the first place. I think that my disbelief, which is going away now, is what made me have the mild symptoms that I experienced this time.

Keep doing the Healing Blueprint until you become unblocked from what you want or are able to welcome and heal any issue you have. Each time you do it, it chips away at the issue if it doesn’t work or you think you are doing it wrong the first time.

I love you all, so much.

Leni Dubel

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