Carlee and The Big Mac

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Today, June 9th, is Carlee’s 23rd birthday.  I spent some time with her Mom, Jan, last night making Peace Jelly.  The jelly will be sold at Garrison Day, this upcoming Saturday, in Beaver, PA. The proceeds go to a scholarship at the local high school that Jan, and her husband Scott, have set up to honor Carlee.

July will be the 5th anniversary of Carlee’s death.  She was killed in a car accident.  Yeah. Only daughter, and an amazing child who loved everyone.  One of those times when grief shatters your heart into a million pieces.

This morning, out on my God Walk, I ran into Jan again.  I am always crazy excited to see her because she is just one of those people that exudes love. She had just left some balloons at Carlee’s grave site. She then told me a story about Carlee’s last night. It was something she found out later, I’m not sure when.

Carlee really wanted a Big Mac, and talked her friend into taking her for one.  As a young girl, she was conscious of her weight, and a Big Mac seemed to be a guilty indulgence. She rationalized it by saying that two-a-days were coming up for Volleyball.  Jan was thrilled to find out that Carlee’s last meal was something she really loved.

She told me that later today, she was going to buy a Big Mac, take it back to the grave site, sit down and eat it with Carlee, while thinking of her with great love.  Whoa! When my heart goes whoosh, I pay attention. I told her that was genius, and I would buy one for myself and Leni (my daughter) and we will sit and eat, Loving Carlee.

I know from experimenting with food, that if you eat with Love, there are no adverse side effects. No weight gain, no fast food trash talk going on in your mind, no guilt over eating meat, organic or not, etc.  Yeah, I know. It sounds crazy, but it’s kind of magical how it works.

Maybe today, Carlee’s birthday, you might want to try the experiment for yourself. Buy a Big Mac and eat it, while loving Carlee. If you just cannot eat one, maybe buy one and give it away, Loving Carlee.

This is a very powerful form of meditation, as your only focus will be on Loving Carlee. If other thoughts come in, gently set them aside and go back to Loving Carlee.

If you happen to purchase one at the McDonald’s in Beaver, I hope you are served by Michelle. She is at the drive-thru window, and certainly a day maker. Another one of those delightful sprites who slathers love all over you.

Happy Birthday Carlee, and thank you for all this Love. You have given us a new tradition as we hold you closely in our hearts.







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When you are talking to Sparkle, miracles happen. Her erudite and profound way of getting to the bottom of what it is we are believing is second to none. I've watched as Sparkle listens to someone and finds a way of getting exactly to where that person needs to see from, just by being her wonderful and intuitive self. Her name fits her perfectly, this sparkling ray of light has blessed so many with her humorous musings, which hide profound trusts, all wrapped up in a giggle or three. Sparkle is simply love on legs. Time spent in the company of this gorgeous soul can only bring more joy into anyone's life.

- Ley Blythe from England

The thing that differentiates you (Sally) from others, is that you do not go out to people with an agenda, but with unconditional love. I still cannot describe the state I was in when you visited Switzerland. I felt as if I were in a state of flow and blissful happiness. I want to learn from you how one can live like this every day.

-Mike from Lausanne, Switzerland