The following are testimonials from some pioneering and beautiful folks who have received Ego Integration sessions. Two of them had an instant transformation. We were delighted and surprised, as it seems to be taking about 3-6 months for most to fully integrate to the point where they begin to notice miraculous shifts.

As we (Sally and Leni) have worked with our Egos during the better part of this year, we are discovering that not only does it work, but the

change is permanent. Once you have the Integration and begin to work with your Ego, life begins to change in a very good way. Although this is a new learning, it appears to be quite effective in all those who have worked with it. Another added bonus is that, finally, with the Integration of the Ego together with your Higher Self, there is no longer a need for searching outside yourself for answers. You will discover that you have all the answers as you learn to trust yourself. And that is what living this is all about.

~ Leni and Sally


Leni provided me with an Ego Integration on September 20, 2016, by telephone. I was nervous and a bit skeptical about what to expect, since I had the pre-conceived notion that somehow this should be done in person. I have always been afraid to be alone at home at night, and my son and husband were leaving for a couple of days. After this Integration, the fear just dropped away! Leni also gave me some exercises to practice, which I do daily, and this truly has changed my life! I apply all of these different tips through the day, and before I go to sleep, and I’m no longer afraid. The experience has completely changed my way of thinking and being. An added, unexpected benefit is how I can now feel safe and secure, and not get drawn into other people’s dramas. Leni, I can’t thank you enough, you have helped me immensely. I highly recommend opening your mind and heart to this brand new and lovely way of being.

~Linda, Canada

Throughout this life, I remember learning to deny anything that was “negative”, according to societal and “human” standards. I was born a healer, empathic, super sensitive, yet alone a lot. People befuddled me with their demands, gossip, vengeance, etc. So, I basically followed the rules and did my own thing in secret.

Life happened. Marriages failed, a couple kids came into the world, one adopted out as Divinity showed me to do. I never knew my visions were “real”. I didn’t realize I was already listening and following, some.

In 2011, on January 1, I started A Course in Miracles. Many things began to happen. I was guided to Nouk Sanchez, and answered by her, in a time of desperation where those I “wanted” help from, ignored my call. Through her retreats, I was honored to meet Sally, and her daughter, Leni Dubel. I felt a connection with them immediately, and a beautiful, supportive relationship ensued. When I was then guided by Christ to take to heart that ACIM is a ONE year course, not to be studied, picked apart, analyzed, and worshipped (for me), I quit going to retreats. I also didn’t want to become a retreat addict. My worldly relationships with those I had met at the retreats, began to “fall” away. I was changing. And I didn’t like it.

The past 2 years, I kept hearing: “You are missing a VITAL point!” And there I stayed. Missing a vital point. This year, from Feb. 8 to Mar. 29th, shit hit the fan. I settled a suit, my adopted-out daughter wanted to meet me, my Mommy left 5 days after I got back from meeting my child, and my Mommy was my bestest friend. Then, I lost half my hours at work and was in undeniable (denied) pain that was wreaking havoc, with no insurance and no longer an ability to pay for medical expenses due to loss of hours from the injuries. “deep breath.”

Suicide-yah. Sounds good. All the inner battling, giving egoic thoughts over to Christ, wondering why I was getting no relief. Doing the “old mantras”. “All I gotta do is LOVE!” Well, screw that! I was miserable inside, lashing out, destructive behavior. Yet, I kept hearing: “You are missing a VITAL PART!” It became daily, then many times a day. I finally asked the right question–“WHAT am I missing? Guide me to it!”

The next day, I wrote to Sally, and she suggested I make an appointment with Leni for Ego Integration. I was excited, got the appointment set up, then came: “This is stupid!” and anxiety, physical symptoms such as fatigue, anemia, sleeping or not sleeping, nervousness, low blood sugar drops, depression, anger, etc. When the appointment time came around, it was reset for 3 days later due to unforeseen junk. (Hahaha! That makes me laugh!!!) Ego reared her ugly head and spewed forth unworthiness, and a plethora of other crappy things, for 3 more days.

On Tuesday, August 22nd, Leni and Sally and I did an Ego Integration. I was freaking out at the beginning of the call, yet through talking with them for a few minutes, settled down and began surrendering into whatever was going to happen.

There were light explosions around me as I watched Ego (Dena) stand stubborn about 15 feet away, arms crossed chin out, shaking her head, “NO!” I talked to her through my heart, and she finally “gave in”, and I wrapped her in my arms as she cried. When Leni and I discussed this afterwards, we had experienced the same thing [during the Integration session] with some minor differences.

Since then, Dena (Ego) and I have had quite a bit of communication. I try to make a point to spend time with her around a campfire, roasting marshmallows, every day. This is our safe-neutral zone. She has gone off on me a few times, and I listened, apologized, and Loved her. She and Christ now work together to help me clear and to…Do. They told me that there was a partnership involved in becoming corporeal. Neither of us could do it alone, so we partnered up. These lives are to play. Like children. We came up with a way for us to remember each other and our partnership, should we forget. (We forgot. )

She is guiding me to see all the nudges and “signs” I missed. In doing so, I am learning how integrated she and Christ are in wholeness. As long as I was denying her, fearing her, hating and running from her, I was denying my own keys to the gates of hell. She is the keeper of all the hell I created, and only through finding her am I able to Love all the hellions I fed. She WANTS to be released from being gatekeeper.

And I finally realized, mid September, I was no longer hearing: “You are missing a vital part”, and felt there was no longer anything missing! I no longer need to forgive, only to dance. When I have a “block”, I talk with Dena about it and within 48 hours it’s brought to the forefront.

This Integration threw me into a spiral. Yet, I have been willing to know it, and that makes all the difference. I had to prove to Dena she could trust me. One night she blew her cork at me because, out of HABIT, I kept pushing her away. I listened, we talked, I apologized and asked her to get my attention when she would feel that way again. It has worked. We are a Trinity of Partners, (Ego/Christ and me), all looking at my habits, and Loving them endlessly.

I recommend Integration, if you truly want to experience wholeness without have to be “spiritual.” Integration is a way of life, not pretending. It’s owning everything, riding emotional roller coasters and not questioning them. It’s being radically honest, transparent, and not looking for others to show you where you are on the path. Hell, there is no path. It’s all a big party and we’re here to live it up! In Wholeness! And since we’re already home, what’s the hurry for “getting” there? Do it. Get Integrated. You won’t be sorry.

~Jeri Attwood, Alaska

During my Ego Integration, I saw a figure crawl out from under a bed. It made me cry, because it felt like a part of me. It was like in hiding.

That feeling subsided and I felt good. The rest of the day was a very peaceful one. And talking to my ego as my friend became what I did every day. I feel more happiness than ever before.

I decided to quit studying ACIM, because it felt like just a mental exercise that kept me from feeling the peace I now had without thinking. Now looking back I get what ACIM was pointing at…but if I am already there, I’m not going to leave that space to go think about how I used to be.

~Colleen, Santa Fe, NM

When I heard of Leni’s Ego Integration I was curious and when she told me what it was about I realized that it was a great idea. Love is all there is, yet humans have made the illusion of separation–and we see the ego as the culprit for all that we don’t like to see in others and ourselves. Thereby affirming the separation of good versus evil. We are called to see things differently and to end/heal the “good versus evil” dichotomy, so to love our ego is to reconcile and forgive the part of us that we disowned and rejected, even though we were under its spell.

“Love your enemies” said Jesus, so definitely the ego falls under that category. We have thought it to be the enemy, that we had to undo by all means. Fighting against someone or something is really counterproductive. It is not Love, and it won’t work for that very reason.

When Leni did the Integration for my Mother Renee, I saw a shift in her. There have been some ups and downs since then, yet she is much better with a calmer demeanor. There is more peace in her life.

As for myself, I had already realized that to love the ego was what I was asked to do, so the Integration was just the formal compliment. After the Integration, I can see now where judgements have fallen by the way wayside. I can see more clearly now. I thank my ego and holy self every morning. They have names and are working together as one, to help me during the day. It’s a great experience! Thank you Leni for sharing your fabulous insight.

~Elisabeth Light, New Mexico

I’ve known Leni and Sally for a few years now, and I’d been privileged to witness their impressive individual transformations over the past 6 months or so. They’ve both been like shooting stars, each in their own way, sparkling and lighting up the sky as they shed old limiting beliefs and saying YES to the new road that’s been opening up before them. Extremely cool to watch.

So when Leni offered me the possibility of an Ego Integration, I said sure. Even though the whole idea sounded a little bit nonsensical and weird. Because if it does for me anything like what it’s doing for the two of them…well I definitely wanted some of that.

That was back in late July. It was a quick and painless Skype session. I didn’t feel any different, during or after the Integration. And yet…very soon things started to shift, in interesting new ways that I really couldn’t name.

It’s been a lumpy, up-and-down process. Moments of ecstatic new freedom, followed by deep doubts and the absolute certainty that nothing was happening.

Meanwhile, Leni and Sally were reporting the most glorious new states of inner peace and unconditional love for all of humanity—and these seemed to be permanent changes for them. Hell, these guys weren’t even trying. This stuff wasn’t happening for them during meditation, or in the middle of a spiritual retreat. No, it was happening at the grocery store. It was happening in rush hour traffic.

And that’s what I’ve always, always wanted…and never, never experienced. Not as a truly permanent abiding state. Not without working at it. No matter how many brief, beautiful openings I’ve had; no matter how many deeply transcendent forgiveness exercises, or shifts, or awakenings I’ve experienced, and no matter how much long-term wisdom gained from it all…sooner or later some version of my old crippling self-doubt would gradually creep back in and take over the running of my day-to-day life. Again.

I’d already been hot on the trail of wanting to love and accept all parts of my own mind, for the past couple of years. I could sense intuitively that the mysterious unconscious ego, (far from being an arch enemy to conquer or kill) is actually a very rich, hitherto unknown part of ME. And I realized how much I missed that part of the self, and how I longed to know it and love it and come back into reunion with it.

And I also sensed that, if I could only find a way to bring these separated, split off parts of my mind back together into harmony–that I would also be able to recognize that the Higher Self and the “lower” unconscious self…are actually the same Self. It’s just that one of them has been wearing a weird sort of secret disguise.

Anyway. All these knowings and intuitions were great—but I wasn’t having much luck at gaining the kinds of permanent breakthroughs I was hoping for. I couldn’t seem to find a way to directly communicate with that hidden part of the self, or get it to cooperate in any meaningful way. And that’s when Leni came and got me, and I had my Ego Integration.

And now? It’s 3 months later, and the whole miraculous process is still unfolding. Great things have occurred and even greater things are on the way. But for right now I can say this: I have come into the most magnificent harmony and acceptance with all aspects of my own mind. For the first time I truly love all the denizens of the dark corners of my mind.

All the painful beliefs, the scary stuff, all the unresolved childhood whatnot. Whatever’s lurking down there in the dark. I cherish them exactly as they are right now, without requiring them to change anything about themselves. And without having to analyze anything about them or the stories they may represent.

Thanks to this Integration process, I have been able to authentically offer love and welcome to all the painful secret beliefs, all the smelly monsters, all the beasties howling in the darkness. I adore them all. They are all me.

And you know what? It turns out, all these aspects of the mind only want one thing: They want to be seen. They want to be consciously witnessed by me—and in that witnessing, they want to be accepted just as they are. That’s all. Such a very simple request. It really isn’t much to ask…and in return they are instantly released from hell.

See, that’s the thing. I have discovered that the moment I turn to them in loving witness, the howling stops. Every one of these beasties instantly becomes peaceful and quiet and infused with light. And I’m so surprised to discover that I genuinely love every one of them so tenderly. Seriously, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

And here’s the other amazing thing: When integrated peace is offered to all these previously darkened aspects of the mind…Divine light instantly makes its presence known. So all of the beasties and me– we all spend quality time hanging out in the infinite love and welcome, of the I AM light of the true Self. Which is also (newly recognized) me. How cool is that?

So let’s recap: An Ego Integration is not a magic bullet. It’s the beginning of a process, the start of learning how to forge a brand new relationship with this deeply misunderstood aspect of the self. It might take a little time to learn how to trust. It will probably take a little bit of patient work.

Worth doing? Only you can answer that one for yourself. My own answer is: OH MAN. OH YES.

~Carrie Triffet, UK

Ego Integration sessions can be done in person, via Skype or over the phone. Speaker or video chat works. The Ego Integration session is $150.00.


When you are talking to Sparkle, miracles happen. Her erudite and profound way of getting to the bottom of what it is we are believing is second to none. I’ve watched as Sparkle listens to someone and finds a way of getting exactly to where that person needs to see from, just by being her wonderful and intuitive self. Her name fits her perfectly, this sparkling ray of light has blessed so many with her humorous musings, which hide profound trusts, all wrapped up in a giggle or three. Sparkle is simply love on legs. Time spent in the company of this gorgeous soul can only bring more joy into anyone’s life.

~ Ley, UK

The thing that differentiates Sally from others, is that she does not go out to people with an agenda, but with unconditional love. I still cannot describe the state I was in when she visited me. I felt as if I were in a state of flow and blissful happiness. I want to learn from her how one can live like this every day.

~Michael, Switzerland

Sally’s Mentoring Sessions are $50.00 each.