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At a Paul Selig workshop in Annapolis in March, I had a mind-blowing intense spiritual experience that forced my Ego out into the light, where I
could see him for the first time ever. (Yes, it was a ‘him!’) To my great surprise I realized the Ego does indeed exist within each of us as an intelligent entity that I could actually talk to. It was not just a mindless, hateful thought process, as most people believe.

My Ego cried for an hour straight at being called out for the first time, and then pitifully asked me if he had to leave. I was completely caught off guard by the sadness he displayed, and his question about leaving. I told him I wouldn’t throw him out…but I didn’t know how to allow him to stay. After all, he had been the cause of all my misery.

After the workshop that day, I talked all night with my Ego and was fascinated by the things he told me. I learned that the Ego does identify as male or female in most cases, although it doesn’t have to.

We sincerely apologized to each other for the things we had done to one another throughout my life. And we chose to move on from there without blame for the things that had happened in the past. Instead, we chose to love and honor each other from then on…a clean slate. At this point, my Spirit Guides energetically cleaned my Ego up, made him look healthy and gave him a pair of symbolic wings. My Ego had become ‘holy.’

I left Annapolis happy to have a new best friend in the Ego. That alone was such a wonderful gift. I did not expect anything miraculous to occur. After that weekend, I talked with my Ego (who asked if he could have a name, then chose ‘Martin’) all the time. He was surprisingly cheery and respectful–nothing like the evil, dominating character we all have made the Ego out to be. I realized that it’s a terrible, lonely existence for the Ego, to be unfairly blamed and ignored. So my Ego was thrilled and honored to become a valued part of my life.

After three months of treating my Ego with genuine love and respect, miracles began to happen. Little abundance miracles, big health miracles, and miracles of suddenly being able to offer unconditional love in situations that I would have previously been very upset by. I also began to be able to communicate directly with Spirit, and get answers–which was a miracle in itself, because I used to only be able to communicate with Spirit through the use of tarot cards. Tarot is a wonderful tool, but it didn’t allow me to converse freely back and forth with Spirit. But now I could, without the use of intermediary tools.

And the miracles continue to unfold. Now I feel at peace 80% of the time–an integrated peace of body and mind. Miraculously, all of my old fears are gone. I know all of this has occurred because my Ego Martin and I have become truly integrated together.

When I realized the reason all of these miracles were happening was because the Ego no longer needed to be in control all of the time, and was actually working with me instead of against me, I wanted to be able to offer this massive benefit to other people as well. I wanted everyone and their Ego to be able to experience this beautiful coming together.

I asked Spirit to please show me a way we could do it. The result is, I can now do Ego Integration sessions on people and it is the same, energetically, as what I experienced at the Annapolis workshop in March.

The Integration is a two-part process. The Integration session itself links and anchors your Ego and Holy Self together energetically on the plane of existence, and allows your Ego to come out of hiding. But you only truly receive the full effect of it when you sincerely follow up by working on a regular basis with your Ego, learning to trust and love it as I did with Martin.

There is no set amount of time before true Integration fully takes place. Each person is different, each of us takes as long as we take, before we drop our defenses and learn to trust and forgive the Ego 100%. (In our experience with this process so far, each Ego has been very willing and open to wipe the slate clean, and to trust and love their person. It’s us, the personality self, who tends to be more reluctant!)

Each Ego is a beautiful, shining being that has just been grossly misunderstood. I feel a deep connection and love for the Ego, and I feel a calling to help each one.

As for me, the miracles continue. Each time I do an Integration for someone, I go to a whole new level of deep physical peace. After the first two integrations that I did, Spirit showed me how unimportant most things we humans deem important really are. Things like guilt and blame and fear. We are deeply attached to these things, and we don’t know how to let them go prior to full Ego integration, because the Ego is used to getting its attention in this way. But when we lovingly offer the Ego true friendship and acceptance, these negative ways of acting out begin to disappear.

Post Integration, some have reported an instant shift energetically. For others, it seems to take much longer. I believe that if you and your Ego can trust each other immediately (as Martin and I were able to do, during that Annapolis Retreat weekend), then things will happen instantly, or within just a few months. But for most people, this is a process of learning how to establish mutual trust, love and respect. We have been at war with our Ego for thousands of years in a reincarnation cycle. It took a mere 3 months for me to notice a significant shift, so looking at it that way, even if it takes 6 months or a year, that is still extremely short!

You would not believe how amazing, powerful and friendly your Ego can be once you allow it to shine as it is meant to do. You will have a new best friend for life.

Ego Integration sessions can be done in person, via Skype or over the phone. Speaker or video chat works. The Ego Integration session is $150.00.



In March 2016 Leni had an intense spiritual experience that actually allowed her to talk to the “Ego” part of herself, and to communicate with it for the first time ever. To her surprise, it showed itself as a distinct entity. She and her Guides began working with her Ego, embracing it and gradually allowing it to become whole and holy—a process which allows the Ego self, the conscious Personality self, and the Higher Self to all be on the same page, all pulling in the same direction. That’s a groundbreaking development!

Most people acknowledge and love their Higher Self, (the wise, patient and beautiful Divine Self ,who is always loving and giving), but dislike the part of themselves called the Ego self. The Ego is the part of the self who judges, hates, gets sad about things, gets angry, is fearful, or is negative about how you perceive yourself. What happens when you push that part of yourself away, is that you never get to know it, you never learn compassion or understanding for it–and it functions to sabotage your life. (Not out of spite. More out of mutual misunderstanding.)

Through the wisdom and direction of her Guides, Leni teaches you very practical, uncomplicated ways to work with and love every part of your self.

First, through the Integration session itself, which energetically connects your Higher and Ego Selves together, making it possible for the first time, for them to work and operate as one. And second, (but no less important) she teaches you how to work with, understand and befriend your Ego as you go about your daily life. This process is truly groundbreaking. Before this, no one has ever tried to love their Ego!

Ego Integration sessions can be done in person, via Skype or over the phone. Speaker or video chat works. The Ego Integration session is $150.00.




After the integration, the process of building a trust relationship with the Ego can be frustrating or confusing at times, since this kind of work is
so new to people and Egos both! Or sometimes a person is just very curious and wants to understand more about what makes their Ego tick. For
these reasons, Leni (who can communicate with the Ego aspect of your self directly) is also available to do question and answer sessions between you and your Ego after your Integration. These sessions are called Ego Consultations.

The Ego Consultation is $60.00 per half hour.




For those of you who would rather not work directly with the Ego, Leni has been given a healing process by her Guides, that is based on loving every aspect of yourself and bringing those aspects together as one.

Much like the Ego Integration session, this is also a process. You receive the initial healing session, then you receive a worksheet of recommended guidelines and exercises. And over time, this sustained work has the effect of bringing the different aspects of yourself together into full integration.

The main difference between this healing and the Ego integration, is that in this one, you don’t get to know the Ego part of yourself as a distinct, sentient being. All the aspects of the self are presented here in a more abstract way. The “homework” is similar, and the intention behind the integration sessions themselves are similar.

Whether you choose the path of Ego Integration or Aspects of Self Healing, the goal and the ultimate result are the same. After full integration of every aspect of the self, you are simply your Authentic or Real Self (which is what we all ultimately are). You don’t judge or blame any aspect of you anymore, and therefore are not at war with any part of yourself. All aspects of you are gently combined into one. The end result is that the walls that separate the different aspects of you are naturally dissolved, and you are at peace with your entire being.

The Aspects of Self Healing session is $150.00.