Sally MacKenzie Dubel

Spontaneous Mentor

Sally never wanted to be enlightened, she just wanted to be happy.  But life just never made sense to her.  When her father committed suicide, her multi-decade search began in earnest.  How could she avoid ending up like that?  Was unhappiness a genetic or inherited trait? Was it a learned behavior?  As she read every self-help and new age book she could get her hands on, she became even more confused.

But through her search she learned some important things about her own life, and about the way the mind works.  She learned ninety percent of thoughts are unconscious, and she learned that is what rules one’s life.  She also realized that everyone tells you to make good choices…but if you have no idea that your unconscious thoughts are ruling your life, making conscious choices is pretty ineffective.

So she began digging into her own mind in earnest, which at first appeared to be a very dark and scary place.  And there was a lot of unconscious stuff in there.  But she kept at it. She began to experiment with how changing her mind could change her world…and to her great surprise her world changed.  And now? Long gone are the days of living in the dark hole of depression. Long gone is the anger that used to unconsciously fuel her decision-making.

Now, even in the briefest conversations with her it’s clear she authentically loves you, and loves life–whether life happens to be going her way or not.  You will find her example of love in action to be lots of fun, and very inspiring.

More of SALLY’S incredible BACKSTORY: How this came to be

Years ago I was dealing with some major depression, a darkness that runs in my family; my father committed suicide at age 67 and I was afraid the same would happen to me.  I studied A Course in Miracles with Nouk Sanchez for many years, and she was the first to teach me about the incredible healing power of love and forgiveness–both for myself and for others.  It’s not the way the world currently views forgiveness.  It goes way beyond what we have learned and therein lies the healing.  As I worked with it, I noticed that my depression was leaving and soon found a level of peace and happiness I had never felt before.

My brother in Switzerland had been falling into the same darkness that had destroyed my father. I convinced my reluctant brother to attend a Nouk Sanchez retreat with me in Santa Fe, in May, 2013.  While sitting next to me in the retreat, my brother had a seizure and died.  I wanted to freak out. I wanted to go into shock and grief. But I didn’t.

CPR was administered by a few attendees until the emergency responders arrived and took over.  Instead of freaking out, the rest of us sat in concentrated love and forgiveness. We were determined to put these teachings to the ultimate test. Was all this just a theory, or could love and forgiveness REALLY move mountains?

The standard timeframe before giving up on CPR is 25 minutes.  They kept going anyway. At 29 minutes, my brother suddenly came back to life! It seemed this love and forgiveness thing was no idle theory. And this ‘rising from the dead’ was just one of many miracles I would see in the coming days.

My brother’ ribs were cracked from the CPR.  He was put onto life support in the ICU, and we were told he had very slow and poor chances of recovery–if he recovered at all.  Yet just 5 days later, scans showed that his ribs had completely healed.

His brain had gone a very long time without oxygen. Medical science said he would not regain brain function. They were partly right–My brother had to relearn how to read, walk and talk. He didn’t even know his own family.  But suddenly, inexplicably, he could now speak fluid German, even though he had never studied it!

In time, he did relearn normal life skills and reconnected with his family.  Yet some aspect of his prior brain function did indeed go away permanently: The dark, brooding depression is no more. He now is a peaceful, happy person who lives completely in the present.

My life has been filled with these types of strange, unexplainable, yet miraculous events.  There have been too many of them to speak of here. I mention my brother’s story, only because dying and coming back to life through concentrated love and forgiveness is pretty hard to ignore. At least it was for me.

I can’t really explain any of this.  And I’ve moved beyond even what A Course in Miracles points to, when it comes to the sheer power of love, and what that love looks like, in the way one person chooses to live her life day to day. I seem to have become a pioneer in some pretty new territory, and I can’t explain that either. But then, it is not my job to explain it; my only job is to love everyone and everything, fiercely and completely.

Is it really possible to live this way day to day in the world?   I’m going to say yes. I’m living proof that if you change your mind, indeed the world does change.  And I know it can be just as powerful for you.

Sally’s Mentoring Sessions are $50.00 each.

Sparkle Cofiell

Creativity Coach

sparkle-cropSparkle was the first to experiment with welcoming cancer, using new teachings as suggested by Leni’s Guides. A huge feat, quite pioneering and very very brave. Along with Sally, and Leni and The Guides, she recorded many of her thoughts as they bubbled up from her unconscious so that we could take a look at them, allowing the fear to be healed. “An Appropriate Conversation With Cancer” took place from July 2017 through July 2018. Sometimes we made ourselves crazy as buried ugliness came bubbling up, but we always returned to our love of each other, realizing how we make all of these buried thoughts wrong. And they are not… they are just thoughts, begging to be released so they no longer rule our lives. Sparkle had come back from catastrophic illnesses many times, so we were all shocked when she left this time. I (Sally) had spoken with her on Monday morning and she greeted me with a hearty hello. By Friday, she was gone. Sparkle experimented with the exact opposite of what we are taught about cancer…fight it! She was able to add quality, with very few side effects from the chemo, to her life as she continued to enchant and love people. The biggest result of the experiment was that she experienced very little fear. The Guides have explained that the more time we spend in fear, the more we will attract into our lives. We are so grateful to have walked through this experiment with her.

Leni Dubel

Integrations, Consultations, Aspects of  Self Healing

Leni began to see Spirits about 10 years ago. Nowadays she works together with her Spirit Guides, following the guidance and instruction they give her on behalf of humanity. Her Guides are unquestionably devoted to the light, as they are 100% non-judgmental, and are pure love.  She considers them to be part of her family, and she loves and trusts them completely.


In March 2016 Leni had an intense spiritual experience that actually allowed her to talk to the “Ego” part of herself, and to communicate with it for the first time ever. To her surprise, it showed itself as a distinct entity. She and her Guides began working with her Ego, embracing it and gradually allowing it to become whole and holy—a process which allows the Ego self, the conscious Personality self, and the Higher Self to all be on the same page, all pulling in the same direction. That’s a groundbreaking development!

Most people acknowledge and love their Higher Self, (the wise, patient and beautiful Divine Self ,who is always loving and giving), but dislike the part of themselves called the Ego self. The Ego is the part of the self who judges, hates, gets sad about things, gets angry, is fearful, or is negative about how you perceive yourself. What happens when you push that part of yourself away, is that you never get to know it, you never learn compassion or understanding for it–and it functions to sabotage your life. (Not out of spite. More out of mutual misunderstanding.)

Through the wisdom and direction of her Guides, Leni teaches you very practical, uncomplicated ways to work with and love every part of your self.

First, through the Integration session itself, which energetically connects your Higher and Ego Selves together, making it possible for the first time, for them to work and operate as one. And second, (but no less important) she teaches you how to work with, understand and befriend your Ego as you go about your daily life. This process is truly groundbreaking. Before this, no one has ever tried to love their Ego!

Ego Integration sessions can be done in person, via Skype or over the phone. Speaker or video chat works. The Ego Integration session is $150.00.


After the integration, the process of building a trust relationship with the Ego can be frustrating or confusing at times, since this kind of work is so new to people and Egos both! Or sometimes a person is just very curious and wants to understand more about what makes their Ego tick. For these reasons, Leni (who can communicate with the Ego aspect of your self directly) is also available to do question and answer sessions between you and your Ego after your Integration. These sessions are called Ego Consultations.

The Ego Consultation is $60.00 per half hour.


For those of you who would rather not work directly with the Ego, Leni has been given a healing process by her Guides, that is based on loving every aspect of yourself and bringing those aspects together as one.

Much like the Ego Integration session, this is also a process. You receive the initial healing session, then you receive a worksheet of recommended guidelines and exercises. And over time, this sustained work has the effect of bringing the different aspects of yourself together into full integration.

The main difference between this healing and the Ego integration, is that in this one, you don’t get to know the Ego part of yourself as a distinct, sentient being. All the aspects of the self are presented here in a more abstract way. The “homework” is similar, and the intention behind the integration sessions themselves are similar.

Whether you choose the path of Ego Integration or Aspects of Self Healing, the goal and the ultimate result are the same. After full integration of every aspect of the self, you are simply your Authentic or Real Self (which is what we all ultimately are). You don’t judge or blame any aspect of you anymore, and therefore are not at war with any part of yourself. All aspects of you are gently combined into one. The end result is that the walls that separate the different aspects of you are naturally dissolved, and you are at peace with your entire being.

The Aspects of Self Healing session is $150.00.

Tarot Readings with Leni and The Guides are $100.00 each.