Glad to have you visit.

Everything we do and talk about on this site is an EXPERIMENT.  A few of us have been experimenting with living quite differently over the past few years. And the results have been astonishing so far. We have all experienced firsthand that by changing our minds, our lives have changed. Our worlds have changed–in a very good way. And we know we’ve only scratched the surface on how good it can be.

We invite you to jump on board with us if you’re interested in this way of being–If you are curious enough to experiment, and want to see how it will work for you, too.  We welcome your curiosity and questions.

Our group is not interested in discussing, studying or intellectualizing about theories, by the way.  That is just not us.  We actively experiment all day, every day, and we are living this out in real time. We don’t especially care why it works, we just know that when we put in the active effort…it does.

This may or may not be your cup of tea. And that’s ok with us. This is an extremely bold experiment, and it takes a lot of courage. A lot of putting your life where your mouth is, so to speak.

We know that, at least at the beginning, it is probably the hardest thing you could ever do in your life.  But take heart. All of us that are working with this new way of being can honestly say: it’s no cakewalk, but each of our lives just keeps getting better and better.

And, we’d love you to join us.

Why call this thing WHOLE WORLD PEACE and TAROT?

  1. We’re convinced that by changing our minds and living in the way we are dedicated to, whole world peace is actually possible. Delusional? Maybe. But it still seems to us it’s worth the experiment.
  2. Tarot gets a bad rap. Popular belief has it that tarot is a dark and pagan tool only of use to those who wish to dabble in the occult. Our experience is that this could not be further from the truth. Tarot is a powerful yet neutral tool, (in and of itself neither good nor bad) and in the hands of gifted lightworkers like Leni and Her Guides, tarot is a wonderful tool for healing and for transmission of Divine guidance.