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Join us at Love That in Belvedere Square, Saturday June 9th, for a reading with Leni.

Also, we will be discussing our upcoming book: An “Appropriate Conversation With Cancer”, by Sparkle, Sally, Leni and The Guides. Last summer Sparkle was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. She was very fearful and wanted everyone to stop what they were doing, and pay attention to her Woe is Me story.

At that time, we all decided to become part of a life-changing experiment (AND SPARKLE IS STILL ALIVE!). She is no longer terrified, nor seeing cancer as a monster out to destroy. This ongoing conversation has been recorded for the past 11 months, via Sally, who helped Sparkle become aware of what she was doing. Leni gave her exercises from The Guides to help with victim mode when it came up, and with fear that could have taken Sparkle down to the dark hole, as she calls the suffering. An isolation that comes with feeling like a victim and fighting all the time. That’s exhausting.

Our book will help others going through this to find the path to love, peace and laughter, no matter what the circumstances may be. Sparkle is a living example of just that.

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If you have at least 10 people that would like to have one of our laid back gatherings in your area, please contact us.


I was fortunate to have Kay Hamill do a dream interpretation for me. have never met nor spoken to Kay, but via email she was able to interpret my dream and I realized she was right on the mark. It reflected to me what was going on in my life at the time, something I could not figure out for myself. I highly recommend both a tarot reading and dream interpretation.

-L.G. Blain from Ontario, Canada

When you are talking to Sparkle, miracles happen. Her erudite and profound way of getting to the bottom of what it is we are believing is second to none. I've watched as Sparkle listens to someone and finds a way of getting exactly to where that person needs to see from, just by being her wonderful and intuitive self. Her name fits her perfectly, this sparkling ray of light has blessed so many with her humorous musings, which hide profound trusts, all wrapped up in a giggle or three. Sparkle is simply love on legs. Time spent in the company of this gorgeous soul can only bring more joy into anyone's life.

- Ley Blythe from England

The thing that differentiates you (Sally) from others, is that you do not go out to people with an agenda, but with unconditional love. I still cannot describe the state I was in when you visited Switzerland. I felt as if I were in a state of flow and blissful happiness. I want to learn from you how one can live like this every day.

-Mike from Lausanne, Switzerland